Our Projects

The goal of Szentes-Csongrád Rotary Club:
Establishing and operating a foundation to support talented children

The undertaking of the foundation is to provide financial support for gifted children with lower financial background learning in Szentes, Csongrád and the surrounding settlements for developing their aptitudes. The members of the club wish to help young people with wide intellectual horizon, strength of character, determination, and dedication as well as readiness to help those members of the society in need to achieve higher degrees.

Target areas of support:

  1. Years 7 and 8 at primary schools
  2. All years at secondary schools
  3. Primary and upper levels of Music schools
  4. Primary Art schools

Ways of support:

  1. Single or regular financial support
  2. Undertaking expenses of aptitude developmental camps and courses
  3. Undertaking of Music school fees
  4. Partial support for obtaining musical instruments
  5. Promoting applications for scholarships within the system of Rotary International (RI)