The only Shinto gate of Europe can be found in Szentes in the garden of the Dr. Papp László Sports Hall which was erected by Sihan Sándor Brezovai 6. dan master in honour of the founder of the kyokushin karate style.

Sándor Brezovai who studied at the 10. dan master, Masutatsu Oyama in 1990 (his honour to the master evolved during this time as a result of which Oyama became the person giving his name to the kyokushin karate sports club in Szentes – Oyama Dojo SE) erected an Oyama memorial park in the garden of the sports hall in honour of the kyokushin and Oyama.

Construction of the memorial park began in May 2001. Three pieces of rocks weighing more quintals were placed on the small square covered with ashlar. On 16th May the first piece of the memorial was set up to its place, which is a huge rock including the memorial tablet of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. In addition, two smaller rocks got on to the square, into which the kanku and kanji signs were graved. In case of the kanku sign (red) the peak of the low and upper part symbolizes the unity, the flat parts sidewards symbolize the power, the middle circle the infinity and the external circle the harmony and the rotary motion.

On 18th May the building of the Shinto gate began, the size of which gives an imposing space to the memorial under it. This memorial in Szentes is unique in the world.