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The starting of the Uchi-deshi programme for grammar school students from September of 2011.

Nowadays I had quite a lot of time, so as a karate teacher and self-developer I have reflected on why the young are so poor towards the sports and the culture of movements. I feel amazing this uninterest, what I see from day to day. The young, the children do not want to do sports, but not even in the level of hobby! As a teacher I feel like it is my duty to do everything to pull out the children from the computers, and to attract them again to the sweaty medium of training rooms.

I exactly know and feel, that it is only an illusion , because everybody can not be a championer, but the possibility must be given to those youngs, who are interested in our programmes, and are attracted to our training rooms. Of course I have the intention to train those children for successes, who undertake this ascetic life style. But everybody, whose children will be admitted to this professional karate school, must know that the success and also the failure will be at arm’s length around their children. I am convinced that we must do something new, something permanent, because the Hungarian people are so talented! If even we see the number of the Nobel-prizewinners over the world, the 70 per cent of them are Hungarian people or Hungarian birth. Well, we can be really proud of them, and we must show our talents and swimming in the success resulting from it, let draw ourselves up, and say: I HAVE DONE IT! Please, nobody thinks that these several years in Szentes will be a pleasure travelling for children, but one thing I can promise certainly: I will love all uchi-deshis as my sons, and it will include the love but necessarily the strictness, too. I will educate my students to real fighters, who always will be able to manage, and who will be able to keep their presence of mind by all means. And it may be the most important: They will never give up! They will be excellent people, everybody will be proud of them, so they will have a lot of followers, and so further and further students will be attracted to here to live as a Samurai and to fight. In Hungary, in Szentes, in a little town in the South Hungarian Plain, where mainly the only karate school will open its doors, which will keep Sosai Masutatsu Oyama’s original Karate.

Why? The answer is really simple, because I also was an uchi-deshi. I had the honour to live about half year in Sosai’s boarding school and to train in his karate dojo in Ikebukuro in 1990. For these reasons the Oyama Dojo means to educate world-famous fighters and to start the Spartan lifestyle at the age of 15-16 with perfect background and guiding. Most of us feel that Kyokushin karate will live his renaissance again in near future. This ancient selection-and educational system can make physical, mental, and moral teaching of students possible in highest level, because they will spend daily 6 hours with learning karate and developing their physical condition. It is true, that in this virtual and running world of the XXI. century the respect of teachers, parents and the olds has being loosen more and more. Instead of it, there is the drug, the alcohol, and the crime waiting for children who must have brought up in hard life. –„They” can easier escape to the streets, to the magical, blinding light of nights, where becoming as a hunted wild for whom crime, alcohol and drog spy as a prey of a wolfe. And who will be bited by this wild once a time, will easily become incurable, and will get to a boundless labyrinth, which will be able to end to Elysium.

I have a huge fortunate, because I am one of those karate masters who lived at Sosai Masutatsu Oyama as his uchi-deshi in Wakadzsishi ryu, in Japan – in the House of Young Lions!…

Oh, my God, what a fantastic feeling it is even in 20 years! I would like to give this experiences to all people committed by Kyokushin Karate – because I can believe that this programme has got the reason for exist, because it takes aim to teach fighting technics, and to educate better people. Well, it can be a really difficult mission for teachers and also students, of course.

So-Honbu Oyama Dojo has got all conditions to carry out this programme in highest level. As the quality and the scene of trainings, as the techniques to prove the condition and staying power are also available. The accomodation and meal are traditional, original Japanese feelings, like to the trainings, too. Of course, I attantioned, that my young students are continuing their studies in grammar school in different cities of the country. I know that Szentes has got excellent Secondary Schools, for example the Horváth Mihály Academic Grammar School is country-famous. As the famous sport reporter Tamás Vitray, or the director of the National Theatre Róbert Alföldi, or the famous musician Tamás Hevesi also attended in this school in the past. But the leading figures of stand-up comedy: János Horvát, Sándor Badár and András Szőke were students in this school, too. Of course, I have a very good relationship with all other schools, because my karate students are all perfect poeple, kids, students who are models for other students. The uchi-deshi programme aims to make better people. The possibilities are unlimited, because such high-standard Dojo like this one there is only a few in Hungary, but I feel in all Europe, as well.

My future students will be able to place to all kind of secondary schools in Szentes by me. So, I will be able to offer a perfect educational possibility for students, who want to live in Kyokushin world for long time. And what they will be able to get just from me is the Japanese secret, paired with humility, respect, vocation and the resoluteness what characterize my students and my Dojo. We have taken part in 3 World Competitions in 2010: European Cup, European Championship, World Championship. We won 30 medals: 22 gold, 6 silver and 2 bronze ones. I think people say on this occassion:  „NO COMMENT!”.

And why this school is important? Because of making better people, and the feeling the pride: „My children have done it!”. By the age of 18 he will have 1. or 2. dan, he will sit his final examination, he will learn a trade, and will triumph during championships. He will do 1000 trainings in one year, he will be able to run the distance of the Marathon as a whole, he will get up at 6:00 every morning and do his tasks: training, learning, eating and learning Kyokushin Karate. He will arrive home as a really grown-up teenager, who will start to build his own Karate Dojo and his career in his own town. Because here I will also teach to everybody how will be able to live from teaching karate, because it is not shame, on the contrary! – it is honour! – as we look after and protect a foreign culture in our little country, learn and than teach the real mind and feeling of karate. Making better people. I feel like it can be a huge honour for all parents, when their children will be able to arrive home with successes.

But you must know, that this karate school is not free. For the accomodation, for the meal and for the 3 trainings students have to pay supporting subscription. To do it whether by their parents, or by their supporters I feel it is only minute detail, but on the occassion of a personal meeting we will be able to talk about it.

If I could arouse your interest of this unusual task, I would ask you to inquire by e-mail, my address is: brezovais@gmail.com [1] , or by phone, my phone number is: +36-20/92-482-63. You can see my activities of the last year as reference on the website of www.karatewt.hu [2] .

I thank you very much your attention and I wish you a good browsing! This application and teaching is independent of organizational affiliation: „Because Kyokushin is a really big family!”.

Sandor Brezovai Shihan  6.dan
HIKO director