Curriculum VitaeShihan Brezovai Sándor

Please, let me introduce and tell a few words about myself. My name is Sandor Brezovai, I am 44 years old. I was born in Szentes, and I live here now, too, I knew Kyokushin Karate 2 July 1982, which is also a main part of my life now.

I served as a depths scout at Master Shihan Kalman Furko 7. dans in Szolnok between 1986-87. I also parachuted, I have got 156 jumps.

I have been qualified member of the adult kyokushin karate for 10 years, I would mention only a few successes:

  •     -double European Championer
  •     -multiple place winner at European Championships
  •     -winner of several International Competitions
  •     -sevenfold Hungarian Championer
  •     -from 250 fighters I was eliminated to come to the best 16 in 1991.

In 1990 I spent near 4 months as an uchi-deshi at the stylefounder Sosai Masutatsu Oyama (uchi-deshi: a student living in residence, who is separated from the outside world).

My competiting career finished because of a very serious injury in 1993, in Poland, when during the first fightening my chin was broken into 4 parts. But I won in this fight, and I also won two rounds. Sosai Oyama, as the stylefounder took part in this event, he saw my fights, which gave to me superhuman force. Unfortunatelly I could not fight int he semifinal, because I was taken to hospital. Later I had three very serious operations to correct my injury.

In recognition of my sport career I got praise from Imre Kónya from the Ministry of the Interior in 1994, than I got the special prize of Budo 2000 for my works for kyokushin karate.

I have founded Oyama Dojo Sport Union in 1996, to teach kyokushin karate, to organize competitions and to compete ( for example: training camps, karate competitions…), where teaching is going on in Hungarian and Japanese languages . In this building among the Dojo I operate a fitness from 1992, which is completed with female gymnastics and physiotherapy from 2005. So it has become a whole complex.

It is kept in evidence as the most successful sportunion not only in Szentes, but also in the Traditional Kyokushin Karate Organization. I have been the coach of the adult representative team for 8 years and I am the country representative of MTKKSZ for 16 years.

In 1997 I have been practising for a whole year to be one of those few European fighters, who made the „one hundred fight”, which is one of the most challenging physical and mental test over the world. ( A person without protectors and weight categories must fight 1-1,5 minutes rounds against 100 fighters according to the rules, the aim is KO. )

The person must fight until his last breath. According to Sosai Oyama „this test is not let anybody to try again, because in this case you will not have a long life in this Earth”.

In 1996, after Sosai Masutatsu Oyama’s death I joined to Shokei Matsui. Since then almost every year I organized the biggest kyokushin karate championships with special prices in Hungary. In 2001, I organized a European Championship with huge estimates and large successes.

In the occassion of this competition we have got a memorial to the future generation, which is unique in the world, there is only an other one in the Mitsumine mountain in Japan.

Since 1991, I have got an own Dojo, which was built from my businesses.

16 August 2005 I have founded the Wellness Colosseum, which is a fitness and rehabilitation center in 1200 m2 in the center of the city Szentes, which reflects my vocation towards Sosai Oyama’s budo karate.

That’s why my honesty and my faithfulness are so strong. In the Colosseum ( which also works as a rehabilitation center ) curing of kids and ill people comes to the front, too, not only the sports. In this region there is no more such a public institution, which could provide the improvement of moving skill of children. As the Colosseum has got a 150 m2 gymnasium, so it gives a perfect place to move a whole nursary group with motion developing instruments.

In the Hungarian Karate Special Union there work more than 200 kyokushin karate sport unions in Hungary, which are grouped to 13 unions. At one time these were in one organization, but after the stylefounder Masutatsu Oyama’s death this unity has broken all over the world. In Hungary on my own initiative I have made a consolidation with other 13 leaders of style organization for 6 years, and we have joined to a common system with 5 rounds, which calles Student Olimpics.

In 2006, in the final the students of Oyama Dojo Szentes awarded the most championships, so considering the championers our union was the most successful in the final of these competition trains.

I must to see it as a monumental success. In 2007, these semifinals were divided into kids, youngsters male and youth female categories.  Szentes organized the big final, too, which was also a huge sport diplomatic success.  In 2008 and also in 2009 we organized the regional finals and the finals of olders, too, where my students got the most gold, silver and bronze medals, as well.

In 2007 there was also organized an other top event in Szentes, which was the Adult All Kyokushin-kan European Cup. It could be realized with sponzors, supports of the Local Government of Szentes and with my organizing.

Kancho Matsuo Royama 9. dans the director of the Kyokushin-kan World Organization accepted our invitation, too.

About 100 fighters of 10 countries arrived at this fantastic event, where the spectators could see stone-hard fights and a huge sport diplomatic success, which about the television of Sport 1 made a one hour summary.

The director was so satisfied with the event, the welcoming of the leaders of Szentes city, and the awards of the competition, as he commissioned me to organize the world games of 2009, which named All Kyokushin Karate World Tournament.

Such an event has never got out from Japan, so it was a huge sport diplomatic success. Its speciality and curiosity was that since Sosai Oyama’death it was the first common world championship, where all kyokushin world organizations and other world organizations who has left the kyokushin world organization was also invited to Budapest, to Papp László Sportarena.

18 world organizations delegated the fighters to this Open World Championship, where best 500 fighters of 30 million people compared their knowledges.

The 2-3-4 October 2009 was the evidence of that the sometime unified and most powerful karate world organization could find each other again. The best 500 fighters of the world fought from more than 18 world organizations and near 100 countries. In 2010, Szentes city organized a Youth and Junior European Championship, where 150 fighters of 14 countries represented their nations. My students were the most successful team from this field with huge number. In 2010, we took part in a WTKA World Championship in full-contact fightings and in a Shidokan European Cup at autumn, too. My fighters during these 3 world competitions could get 22 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals. So I could prove that my traditional kyokushin karate preparing method is one of the most successful ones.

Unfortunatelly because of my destiny on December of 2010 I have left KIKO, which was a really difficult decision for me.

In January 2011 I have founded HIKO, a Honkyokushin International Karate Organization, which was born to take care about Sosai Oyama’s kyokushin karate in the original form for the future generations. I think so that good and well-worked things must not be changed, these things should be done and spread.

I do not want to change techniques, to find out newer and newer practices. We only want to do and spread the original karate all over the world. In many world organizations, which I know, the Budo, as the relation with parents, teachers and elder people was pushed into the background by now. But I know that the right and respectable behaviour were big strengths of kyokushin in the time of Sosai. Honkyokushin lays stress on educating international recruitments.

That’s why we would like that our successful and well-prospored programmes from Hungary could be international and world-famous (Recruitings and competitions.)

As the popularity of kyokushin lies in recruitments over the world, so it is very important to organize such events with our countries in all over the world, what for that country and for that city could give a big popularity, and for children could provide a possibility of outbreaks, towards the amateur or later the pro world.

That’s why I think, that we are open to any other kyokushin karate world organizations even, to those, who sometime belong to the kyokushin family, but today they have already founded a new style.

That’s why in the future HIKO will organize competitions and training camps opening for everybody.

I believe that there is only this possibility to stop our organization to become intensive, and for our competitors the fights let be a real challenging action.

Yours sincerely: Sandor Brezovai