Karate is a practising fight, and without breaks it is so as a tree without fruits.” – says Oyama, and it clearly signs: the stylefounder gave such a big important to the test of strength.

The principle is very simple: every fighters need to measure their own improvents compared with theirselves or other fighters

The executing of the break techniques serves to the attainment, the checking and the improvement of phisical condition, the speediness, and the right technique, and also it is a very important part of the competitions, exams and shows.

The tameshiwari is also a perfect mental test of strength – the success of the break practise depends on the balance of force and spirit.
In the case of breaks the targets sign the attacking parts of the imagined opponents and demonstrate the brute force and the hardness.
These would be attacked by different parts of hand and leg.

The perfect tameshiwari practice must be taken with full concentration, perfect technique and maximum speediness and force. The false technique can lead to serious injuries, but at least to pains.

The parts of body, using in breaks, can be fortified with practices during the trainings. As in the case of break, the microscopic struts ( trabecula ) can be broken, and than they can rebuilt much thicklier. So, we can make more and more effective guns from our limbs. But the process can be played in the opposite direction, too: if somebody did not fortify oneself continuously, then his organism would take back apart the needless bone and muscular tissues.