Honkyokushin pergamen-2

The meaning of Honkyokushin:

The name of Honkyokushin World Organization means „ORIGINAL, ANCIENT Kyokushin.” As all colours of signs, so this one of the organization is also really important, what is blue in this case. This colour reflects not only the colour of the sea, but also the colour of the sky. If someone saw the sea, which colour reflects on the sky, could feel to see to the infinity. So the blue colour can also mean the infinity in kanjis of Honkyokushin.

The name of the organization is composed three kanjis. The upper one is the hon ( honto ) signs the origin, the ancestor, the real, the middle kanji kyoku means the furthest, the most basic, the shin symbolizes the truth, the reality.

These kanjis were made for the director’s request by Matsumura Kyuukaku tha kanji painter master, which kanjis nowhere, by nobody has painted so far.