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Norbert Növényi wants to enter for the WT

Tuesday September 15th, 2009

Norbert Növényi announced his entry

Norbert Növényi the well-known sportsman set himself a new challenge, when he decided to enter for the kyokushin karate world tournament in October.
This fantastic news was announced on 15 September 2009 in the youth camp of Csillebérc on the public training of the Hungarian team.
Several representatives of the media attended on the public training and announcement of Norbert Növényi caused great surprise.
The Olympic champion wrestler undertook this challenge 52 years old. Norbert Növényi started to do sports when he was 3 years old. His Club was the Spartacus in Budapest, then form 1975 to 1980 he competed in the colours of the Dózsa from Újpest. From here he returned back to Spartacus, then in 1984 he finished the first period of his career as a wrestler. In the adult field he introduced himself in 1977 with his bronze medal on the national championship. His first world championship was in 1979 when he had to replace the retired Csaba Hegedűs – successfully. On the European championship in Bukarest and on the World championship in San Diego only the Swedish Frank Andersson could beat him.


Norbert Növényi on the public training

In 1980 he beat his opponents by fall in the first three rounds on the Olympic Games in Moscov which was followed by three more victories so he won the Olympic Games. In 1981 on the European Championship in Göteborg he took the 7th place but because of a virus infection he could not enter for the world championship. Next year on the world championship in Katowice and on the European championship in Varna he won no medals. In 1983 he returned to the elite of his weight category.
He took the 4th place on the European championship in Budapest and he received bronze medal on the world championship. On the Olympic Games in Los Angeles he had no chance to enter for then in 1985 he finished the first period of his career as a wrestler.
He did not break with sport, he returned to the arena as a kick box fighter, where he gained a gold medal on the European Championship and on the World championship. In 1992 he appeared again as a wrestler. As fighter of the FTC he fought out participation on the Olympic Games in 100 kg where he took the 7th place.
On 17 January 2009, 52 years old, he gained the WFCA heavyweight world champion title in the hardest martial arts rule system, in the MMA.

Again on the tatami: András Dévényi


Dévényi András

The great returning fighter of MTKKSZ association, the ex absolute Hungarian champion András Dévényi (MTKKSZ-Kyokushin kan-Ichigeki Dojo-34 years old, 181 cm, 100 kg).
Dévényi is completely committed to Kyokushin karate. He is one of the few people who had opportunity to train for a long time and live as uchi-deshi in the honbu of Kyokushinkai-kan in Ikebukuro.

Due to the intercession of Sensei Brezovai, András spent two months in the central training centre (1997 spring) when top fighters of IKO1 association (Nichloas Pettas, Garry O’Neill, Francisco A. Filho etc…) had trainings there as well.

Months spent in the Honbu determined the karate career of the fighter for a long time.
He won Hungarian championships and for almost a decade he took part in continent and world championships as a fix member of the national team. Meanwhile he opened his own fitness centre called Ichigeki Dojo in Zugló, where several excellent fighters had trainings in the last one and half decade.

Although he had not competed for almost six years, kyokushin remained part of his life.

Dévényi András

Dévényi András

The last year was the year of change for him since entry for the All Kyokushin WT means a huge challenge.

For a half year András has had trainings at Sensei József Stefanovics, and he has prepared for the WT on the basis of the method of the trainer of Victory.

In his own fitness centre he gave place to the fighters of mixed systems and kick-boxers as well. His old friend the K-1 champion Tibor Nagy and the ambitious star of the MMA, the ex wrestler champion Ottó Aubéli, TEAM WARRIOR all had trainings in Ichigeki Dojo.

Huge physical power of Dévényi is combined with loose and dynamic muscles, so his attacks to thigh and stomach are mixed with jodan kicks. His experience of many years and the new physical, technical and tactical preparation resulted in a combination which is a guarantee for success on the WT.

For 20 days, 20 times a day

Monday September 14th, 2009

The following radio spot of the Kyokushin Karate WT in October can be heard in several radio stations:

Radio spot of the WT

WT promo

Important information!

Friday September 11th, 2009

Negative AIDS (HIV) test results which is not older than 30 days is obligatory for every fighters and must be shown at the registration (1st of October) in Hungary! Without this document the fighter can’t compete on the world tournament. (For kata competitors this certification is not necessary)

2nd video clip of the All Kyokushin Karate WT

Thursday September 10th, 2009

(Magyar) Tisztelt Olvasók és VB rajongók!

Saturday September 5th, 2009

WT daily tickets are available in TICKETPRO offices!

Friday September 4th, 2009

ticketpro30 days before the WT daily tickets are available in TICKETPRO offices!

Contact TICKETPRO offices for tickets to the greatest karate competition of the world.

(Magyar) Az erő-állóképesség bajnoka: Bak Sándor

Thursday September 3rd, 2009

(Magyar) A WT-n indulók névsora

Friday August 28th, 2009

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