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Monday September 28th, 2009
Láss Csodát

Láss Csodát

Team of LÁSS CSODÁT ( www.lass-csodat.hu  ) was established in spring of 2006. They gathered together techniques of the most spectacular sports and arts and created an extreme show. Freedom and love of motion shines from the stories and sometimes even gravitation can not make difficulties over them.

After the successful performances of the first year invitations came from in and out Hungary and their relationships began to build. Their unique and extreme show is continuously being renewed and their repertoire is constantly growing which results in the increase of invitations and creativity of their show. In the last 3 years they presented their show more than 500 times and gave memorable moments for their audience.

(Magyar) Úton vannak Kanadából!

Team of Canada is on the way to Hungary!

Team of Canada is on the way to Hungary!

Flight of the competitors from Canada will land soon in Hungary. They will come earlier to get accustomed to the climate in Hungary and to rest up because of the time difference and to be able to get into their stride on the kyokushin world tournament!


Trophies of the WT lined up!

Trophies of the WT

Trophies of the WT

ALL KYOKUSHIN KARATE WT, the greatest budo karate competition of the world begins officially on 30 September 2009 in the hall of the Conference and Cultural Centre of Szentes

Unique trophies of the WT can be viewed on the scene of the opening ceremony. These unique wrought-iron cups were made in different size and gold, silver and bronze Japanese dragons on them symbolize the result gained at the WT.

Program of the WT

September 30th, Wednesday

10:00–23:00 Check int o the Hotel Aréna

 17:00–20:00 Registration of contestants, presentation of the medical certifi cates in the designated hotel room

18:00 Press Conference (in Szentes)

20:00 With the attendence of the leaders of the world organizations the inauguration of the Memorial Wall int he Sosai Memorial Park in Szentes, sanctifi ed by shinto priests

October 1st, Thursday

10:00–13:00 Meeting of the referee II. in the Parlour of the Hotel Aréna

 10:00–14:00 Registration of contestants, receiveing startnumbers, presentation of the medical certifi cates in the designated hotel room

10:00–18:00 Weighing int he designated hotel room

15:00–18:00 Boat tour and sight seeing for the leaders of world organizations

19.00–21:00 Welcome party in the Banquet Hall of the Hotel Aréna (approximately 1000 people attending)

October 2nd, Friday


10:00 Opening ceremony, the introduction of the attending world organizations, the contestants entry in suits per country

10:20 Oath in Japanese, English and Hungarian

10:30 Explanation of rules

10:45 Withdrawal of the contestants

11:00–20:00 Kumite qualifying in three arenas in men and women categories (in men category until the best 32, in women category until the best 16)

October 3rd, Saturday10:00–14:00 Men and women kata qualifying (1st round, presentation of the obligatory standard exercise)



14:00–20:00 Continuing the kumite qualifying in three arenas, per weight groups, until the best 4

October 4th, Sunday


12:00 Announcement

12:05 Taiko display

12:15 Ceremonious opening: – Introduction of the leaders of the world organizations and VIP guests

– A politician’s and Kancho Royama’s complimentary and opening speech

– Original archive documentary about Sosai

– Fire-jugglers

– 5-7-year-old children take in the leaders of world organizations to the arena by and, introduction of each leader

– All of the leaders of the world organizations with a torch in their hands light the all kyokushin fi re again

– Commemoration of Sosai Oyama, while a huge picture of him descends above the arena

– Sosai ceremony with shinto ritual with the leaders of the world organizations and the high–ranking memebers of the Kyokushin–kan

13:00 Entry of the contestants in karate–gi, the best 4 per category

13:05 Oath, explanation of rules

13:30 Devils and Angels

13:50 Kata 2nd round, display of the optional kata (best 8 in men and women categories)

14:15 The breaking performance of th ebest 4 contestants in all categories: seiken, shuto, higi, kakato

15:00 Childrens demonstration kyokushin-kan

15:30 Fights for the finals

17:30 Displays

18:30 Kumite finals

20:00 Announcement of the results, taking pictures, closing of the tournament, Taiko closing ceremony

22:00 Sayonara party at the Banquet Hall of the Hotel Aréna

Souvenirs on the WT

Saturday September 26th, 2009

Several kinds of souvenirs will be available on the place of the WT and in the hotel during the WT.

Sekai Saikyo WT catalogue
In the catalogue of the WT several information can be found about the WT and the preliminaries of it. Exclusive design and 120 pages guarantee quality. In addition information about all the competitors can be found in the catalogue.

A WT katalógusa

Unique WT T-shirts
Great choice of premium quality T-shirts will be available on the WT. Several colours, unique kanji painting, unique prices!

WT póló színválaszték

Pólók elölről Pólók hátulról

„Limited edition” sport bags
Sport bags with embroidery are made in limited edition.

Táska egyik oldala Táska másik oldala

Kanku girl és Kanku boy
In addition emblematic figure of the WT, kanku girl and kanku boy will be also available which has a completely unique design and it can be a lifelong souvenir from the greatest budo karate competition of the world.

Kanku boy és Kanku girl


Key rings and karate gi
In addition guests of the WT can enrich list of their souvenirs with key rings, karate gi of Japanese quality, embroidered belts and other souvenirs.

Kanji-s kulcstartók

All welcome.

Tournament draw

Sunday September 20th, 2009

The tournament draw have been ammended by Honbu in case ONLY where the same country and the same organization was entered in a near fight in the same block.

draw draw2 draw3
draw4 draw5 draw6
draw7 draw8 draw9
draw10 draw11  

(Magyar) Fotósok, újságírók figyelem!

(Magyar) A TV2 reggeli műsorában a WT

Friday September 18th, 2009

Mr. Kyokushin: Gábor Búzás

Thursday September 17th, 2009
Búzás Gábor

Búzás Gábor

The above name can not be given to anyone. Gábor Búzás (MKKSZ-Victory Martfű-trainer: József Stefanovics-23 years old, 167 cm, 80 kg) personifies everything, that makes Kyokushin karate unique among other martial arts.

Experts had already taken notice of the short on the other hand robust boy fighting hard even as a junior. Gábor was specialist of high-powered inner kicks to thigh in this period which proved to be an effective technique among junior fighters even on European level.

His destroying gedan attacks meant him a gold medal on the junior European Championship in 2003.
The only 23 years old fighter from Martfű, has fought so much and so excellent battles that he has already had a wisdom and experience of a fighter in the middle of his thirties.
Everybody remember those colossal Rózsa – Búzás finals on the Hungarian Open, where they were given a standing ovation or his victory against one of the best lightweight fighter of the world Viktor „the Fly” Karasyuk.

In 2007 – in spite of his build – he was voted into the team of the world championship with one voice. His work, spirit and attitude all spoke for Búzás and he repaid them for the trust in his strength. After a hard preparation, he fought a drawn battle with the world champion Norichika Tsukamoto.

After the world championship it turned out that Gabi is not able to continue in 70 kg without injuries to health, so he had to change weight category and continue his career in 80 kg. In spite of the change, he won a medal almost in every championship where he stood on the tatami.
The last two years of Gábor spent with a real profound study of karate. Probably there is no other man in this country who knows so much about this martial art.

Gábor Búzás being cheerful every time can be a tough bit for everyone in middleweight category.

(Magyar) Egy újabb nap a Shinkyokushin válogatottal – VB. felkészülés 2009

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