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Visit of the Parliament

Friday October 2nd, 2009
A Szent Korona a Parlamentben

Saint Crown in the Parliament

Prominent guests of the WT visited the first house of Hungary, the Parliament.

Kancho Hatsuo Royama and members of the delegation were welcomed by Dr. István Újhelyi, state secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office. After a short introduction of the Parliament he wished successful competition to the fighters and the organizers as well. Hungarian fighters bowed before the Saint Crown and Kancho and leaders of the world organizations before Hungary, then visited the House of Parliament.
Member of the delegation was the star guest of the WT, Semmy Schilt K1 champion.

Registration, entries

Thursday October 1st, 2009
Regisztrál a Magyar Csapat

Registration of the Hungarian Team

1 October 2009 was about registration and rules! It was the day of registration (entries) at the WT. Registration of hundreds of fighters was a huge task for the organizers but everything went well. Till the fighters were weighted, council of the judges held their first meeting. „R” level of the Hotel Arena was the most popular, not only because it was the place of the breakfast but the whole registration took place here.

Flame of kyokushin blazed up

Flame of kyokushin blazed up in Szentes

Flame of kyokushin blazed up in Szentes

After the press conference in the county hall of Szentes, guests walked to the Dr. Papp László Sports Hall of Szentes which is about 250 metres from the county hall.
The name László Papp is well known to everybody since the Sport Arena in Budapest is also named after László Papp Olympic champion, although the person giving his name to the Sports Hall in Szentes was Dr. László Papp Olympic silver medallist wrestler.

On the way through Kossuth square guests walked in front of the line of young and older karate fighters.
It was a kind and elevating gesture from Kancho to greet all the young fighters with a handshake used in karate. The march lasted for long minutes but this gesture established the spirit of the commemoration. Shinto priests consecrated the memorial. The ceremony was followed with attention by hundreds of people on the scene but the high light of the performance came only after that.

Leaders of the world organizations holding a torch lit the flame of kyokushin. The memorial at the Shinto gate was unveiled by Imre Szirbik mayor of Szentes and Kancho Hatsuo Royama. On one of the wall picture of Sosai can be seen, on the other name of world organizations and leaders of them and name of sponsors can be seen.

Those who were present could feel the strength of the flames and it was a strange moment when Shihan Seiji Kanamura 8. dan, leader of All Japan Kyokushin Union (Rengokai) world organization dipped his hand into the joint flame. He could feel that this flame, the joint flame of kyokushin is stronger than flames one by one.

Opening ceremony of the WT in Szentes

A WT érem főpróbája

Medal rehearsal of the WT

The first memorial raised to the memory of Sosai Matsutatsu Oyama outside Japan is in Szentes in the co-organizer town of the world tournament.
Leaders of the world organization travelled to Szentes to take part in the opening ceremony of the WT. In the Conference and Cultural Centre of the County Hall after a short press conference a memorable moment followed but not to be precipitate.
Sándor Brezovai welcomed the delegation in front of the County Hall and Imre Szirbik, mayor of Szentes accompanied the leaders introducing the building.
After the Japanese and Hungarian national anthems Imre Szirbik mayor of Szentes greeted the guests:
„We are proud to take part in bringing together again karate society that broke into branches after the death of Sosai Master and to light the flame of unity in Szentes.
For many of us it has a far-reaching message that best fighters of the hardest martial art of the world will meet in Hungary, setting an example that differences can be disregarded for the sake of common goal.
I wish the great family of karate, citizens of the town and the country, spectators of the world tournament, to feel the moments of elevating unity at the world tournament and to take it away together with the memory of Hungary into the weekdays.”

After that Imre Szirbik took the first copy of the catalogue of the WT in hand and presented it to Royama master. The imposing catalogue had great success and it is available on the scene of the WT.

Kancho Hatsuo Royama leader of kyokushin-kan world organization also greeted Szentes, the small town that became a city in the world of karate:
It is a great pleasure for me that the second karate world tournament is being held in the capital city of Hungary. Representing Kyokushin-kan community, I express my gratitude and honour to the guests, the spectators and all the competitors taking part.
15 years have past since the death of Oyama Masutatsu, founder of Kyokushin Association. Unfortunately during this time Kyokushin broke up and it is with deep regret for me that Kyokushin is divided into groups. I deeply apologize to those concerned in all countries and patrons of kyokushin karate for sorrow till now

Up to now we consider Oyama Masutatsu our master, and we are intent on being faithful to His message. It does not matter how many groups kyokushin has, we create a family even now and fraternity did not end. I express the hope that kyokushin will unite again and I believe this competition will help realization of union.

After welcome speeches a ceremonial moment followed when Imre Szirbik, mayor of Szentes gave Kancho a certificate of merit, according to which town of Szentes awards honorary citizen title for Royama master.

Grant was not unreturned, since Kancho awarded 2 dan to Imre Szirbik and 1 dan to Lajos Szűcs, deputy mayor for their attendance in the organization of the WT.

After that, prizes of the WT were unveiled which was accompanied by appreciative grumbling in the hall since trophies like these have never been given to the winners of tournaments. Furthermore medals of the WT could be seen as well which was tried on by Kancho immediately adding that it is worth competing for these medals.

After the ceremony in the County Hall, a photo was taken in front of the building from where the guests walked to the Shinto Gate, but it is already another summary.

Kancho Hatsuo Royama arrived

Megérkezett Kancho Hatsuo Royama

Kancho Hatsuo Royama arrived

Flight of the Japanese team and delegation landed at 11:45 on Ferihegy.
Kancho Hatsuo Royama and members of the leadership of kyokushin-kan world organization also arrived with this flight.

Reporters and journalists interviewed Royama master on the spot, who expressed his respect to the organizers in his statement.

After a short sightseeing Royama arrived in the official hotel of the WT, the Arena Stadion Hotel, where several hundreds of competitors had already waited for the leader of the kyokushin-kan world organization. There was no time to rest because leaders of the world organizations set out to the scene of the first official programme of the WT, to Szentes, to light the flame of KYOKUSHIN!

Kancho Ademir da Costa arrived

Kancho Ademir da Costa

Kancho Ademir da Costa

Events sped up on the karate tournament of 2009 since guests arrive continuously from all over the world. Kancho Ademir da Costa (7.dan) leader of International Combat Karate Organization Seiwakai also arrived, and he shared his thoughts with us:
The opportunity to participate in this great and magnificent Championship, organized by Sensei Sandor Brezovai and Kancho Royama, is a great honor for me and my athletes.
I met Sensei Sandor a few months ago, and I felt his desire to make this dream true, as in the old times by Sosai Oyama. This fills up my heart with happiness, because we need to remind the great times and brightness from the Old World Championships, where the great athletes from different styles got together with the same goal “Be the best of all”. This event is a great opportunity for the athletes to test their performance and experience the real Budo Spirit.

International press conference on 1 October 2009

Wednesday September 30th, 2009

meghivo-3International press conference of the WT will be held on 1 October 2009 in Hotel Arena where the star guest will be Semmy Schilt K-1 world champion.

Journalists and reporters are all welcome, accreditation cards can be taken over after the press conference.

First guests arrived at the WT

Hanshi Dr. Imre Harnos arrived

Hanshi Dr. Imre Harnos arrived

Competitors and guests arrived continuously to the greatest karate competition of the world, the ALL KYOKUSHIN KARATE WT! The team of Korea, Lebanon and Poland had already arrived.
The first world organization leaders also arrived in the Arena Hotel and the Japanese delegation arrives at 11:45.

Leader of ZEN BU KAN KEMPO world organization, Hanshi Dr. Imre Harnos arrived as well. In the book „21 szamuráj” Hanshi Dr. Imre Harnos expressed his opinion on Zen Bu Kan Kampo world organization: Fighters of ZBK Kempo live as it is expected by society: in peace and in love. They learn to create and to give and how to keep an eye open and learn everything.

dsc_6545 dsc_6549 dsc_6550

Flame of kyokushin will blaze up soon

Shinto gate in Szentes

Shinto gate in Szentes

Members of the kyokushin family will meet today (30 September 2009) in Szentes, where flame of the kyokushin will be lit jointly by the leaders of world organizations at the only Shinto gate in Central-Europe.
In 2001 thousands of fighters paid a tribute to the founder of the style at this gate, but this event will be not only a memorable moment but will enter into the history of kyokushin karate.
All welcome at the Dr. Papp László Sports Hall in Szentes!

TV campaign of the WT began!

Monday September 28th, 2009
TV campaign of the WT began!

TV campaign of the WT began!

From today an intensive TV campaign started in the biggest TV channels of Hungary. Today at 7 p.m Sensei Sándor Brezovai, organizer of the WT and Sensei Zsolt Zsiga, trainer of the Independent Team will give an interview in the sport programme of Duna TV where they will tell about the preparations of the WT.

Next day in the morning show of the RTL channel, Tibor Agócs and József Stefanovics will give an interview about the preparation of the Hungarian fighters.
In Sport1 we can hear about the WT in live, and several TV ads can be seen on the RTL KLUB in prime time! More information on the website of the WT!

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