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(Magyar) Két japán aranyérem, egy magyar negyedik helyezés

10:15 PM

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(Magyar) Harci szellemek segítségével

12:35 PM

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(Magyar) A WT HIMNUSZ szerzője

10:40 AM

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(Magyar) Európa legnagyobb taiko dobja szólalt meg a WT-n!

09:28 AM

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(Magyar) A végső harc következik!

08:47 AM

(Magyar) Öt magyar katás a döntőben

05:49 AM

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(Magyar) Az első nap eredményei

09:37 AM


A combative day

09:20 AM
Egy harcos nap

A combative day

The greatest budo karate tournament of the world began with the qualifying matches in the Papp László Arena. Dreams came true and hopes vanished even on the first day of the WT.

On this historic kyokushin tournament 420 fighters of 57 countries started to march towards the final. The first day was the day of struggles when best fighters of the different world organizations competed on three tatamis.

Thanks to the excellent organization fighters and judges followed each other smoothly.
Excellently prepared team of judges – although they came from different countries and represent different system of rules – acted with exemplary correctness.

Kancho Royama and leaders of the world organization could state content, that “children” of the Great Kyokushin Family represent mentality of Oyama worthily. It did not matter whether a star fighter or a secret favourite stepped on the tatami – all the fighters competed with the greatest honour.

Spectators being present in great numbers could see the highest level of kyokushin. On Saturday, kata event will also enter into the programme and together with fights will sort out fighters till the eight best.

The WT began

11:21 AM
Elhezdődött a WT

The WT began

ALL KYOKUSHIN KARATE WORLD TOURNAMENT began in Budapest in Papp László Sport Arena where 420 competitors of 57 countries lined up on the tatami on the opening ceremony of the WT.

During the march fighters of the different countries came one after the other but for us fighters of the last country were the dearest since it was the Hungarian team. Our team was the largest, they hardly had enough space on the tatami, no wonder, since they were 80. The second largest team was the Russian team (46 fighters) they were followed by the Japanese with 26 fighters. These three countries gives 33% of the competitors and we can only place trust in the Hungarian team to be able to fight their way up to the best in one or two weight categories.

Fights began on the tatami in two men categories since these two categories are the largest (76-76 fighters).

Arena the scene of the WT

06:17 AM
Kezdődik a munka

Work starts

Almost 70 youth were waiting at the entrance of the Arena to start working. It was a bit grotesque moment since security guards waited midnight inside the Arena till the young waited outside. Although karate society of the world waited for this huge event, in the Arena it is only a program, one among many. Although some affairs disrupted work at the end we achieved our aim.
The youth took possession of the Arena and they set about to shape scene of the karate WT.

WTKA VB főtámogató

A Magyar Válogatott főtámogatója a PANOL PLUSZ Kft.

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