Berkecz István
Painter, graphic designer, art-design manager,professional sign-painter

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He was born in 1944 in Mindszent, Csongrád Country in a farmer-manufacturer family. After various studies he received his Art-Design Manager diploma in 1991 from the Budapest College of Applied Arts.

His masters were: István Drahos, Imre Katona, Béla Terney, Lajos Tokácsli and Endre Szász painters and graphic artists.

He has been exhibiting his paintings and designs in Hungary as well as abroad. Since 1957 he has had more than 30 exhibitions.

Logos he designed are used by several Hungarian and foreign companies. He has designed the cover of various publications and illustrated many of them.He is also the designer of the wrought iron signboards on the main street of Szentes.

In 1993 he designed the coat of arms of Tömörkény village.

In 1996 he designed the Sanctuary of a hospital chapel of Saint Ann Church and also painted an altarpiece for the church for Christmas. This was the time when he also designed the emblem of the 37th "II. Rákóczi Ferenc" engineering brigade. He created the outlines of the Kálvária cemetary's memorial station paintings which are waiting to be restored. In 2000 he designed the memorial of the cavalry archer of the Settlement times. In the same year he designed the coat of arms and flag of Nagytőke village.

In his painting art he follows realist, hyperrealist, impressionist, symbolic and lyric abstract styles. As a graphic designer his preferred fields are designing exlibris, images and interiors. More than a hundred of his works are part of private collections in Hungary and abroad. He follows the teachings and styles of József Koszta and Károly Kováts - famous painters of Szentes.

HUNGARY 6600 Szentes,
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